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Hear from some of Ursula's previous & current clients

Words are not enough to express my experience with Ursula Lentine and the group of Twin Hearts Meditation. I have followed different spiritual paths and I feel that been close to Ursula and participating in the group have changed me physically and emotionally.

Ursula is an angel wearing a human suit, she truly lives for serving others and has the intention to cultivate, guide and perpetuate love.  

This has been an amazing gift for life, with techniques that reinforce our true purpose and mission, tools to heal ourselves and utilize energy to transform our blockages into clarity. As a result, my practice as a Health Coach has taken another route after this experience, and my approach to clients is showing this transformation.   

For those open to this kind of inner peace and for those more skeptical, I would say that this experience goes beyond concepts. There is no judgment or necessary beliefs to enter the circle. The power of receiving happens by not having expectations, therefore, benefits will show either instantly or in a subtle way. 

I am beyond grateful and amazed with Ursula Lentine and all the people that frequent the Twin Hearts Meditation. I will continue my journey sharing it and inspiring others to benefit from it.

Thank you forever!


I've only been working with Ursula for about 2 months and I can say there's been a big change in me underneath the daily grind. In fact, for the first time in 19 years, my husband and I put up our Christmas tree without fighting!

I'm bickering less. I'm staying calm and listening more quietly. This is very meaningful to me.


In our sessions, Ursula uncovers just the right amount of darkness that held me down. I dreaded telling her I'm a liar as part of processing a stiffling dark part of me. I felt like a big fat fraud. I used covert behavior to survive my life. I survived to forgive myself with her skill, deep, quick conversations that release and free me. It's stunning the relief that comes from her  leading me through her process. I want it. There is love and genuine confidence at the end of these journeys every week. God bless her.


I don’t think I realized how much I needed to reconnect with my inner child. I certainly didn’t know how much damage I had caused – how much I had hurt her and ignored her (and kept her out of my life). I’ve been wanting to get in touch with my creativity and I now realize that that’s been blocked partly due to my disconnection from my little girl and the other parts of me that wouldn’t allow me to receive or have wonderful things in my life.


I am so thankful for your guidance, your knowledge and expertise – you always knew what I needed to hear and for the first time in my life, my little girl heard someone say the things that she’s always wanted to hear. Ursula, you gave her a voice. Thank you! Through your work (and your word) I heard that it was ok for someone to say NO, that some things aren’t ok and that it was ok for me to tell others that they needed to take responsibility for their words and actions – it was not mine to carry or to fix. I also learned techniques to let go of emotions and beliefs that no longer serve me.


This has been a very liberating and profound experience.


My experience working with Ursula was life changing. I have spent 15 years in and out of therapy and psychiatry and I’ve experienced more growth, healing and empowerment through working with Ursula for 6 months then I did in all the previous years combined.


I had been referred to Ursula through a friend, yet did not contact her for over a year because of my skepticism about working with someone new and questioning Ursula’s different modalities. All of that was quickly nullified after the first couple of sessions, as I felt very comfortable and had incredible experiences that expanded my understanding of what’s possible. Every session was a new adventure.

First, things started changing for me internally: depression lifting, feelings of codependence in my relationships lifting, feelings of helplessness and “being stuck” in inaction lifting. Then, my external reality started to change, and I began to feel empowered to operate in the world and in my relationships in the ways I have sought to, but struggled with for years.


Ursula is highly gifted, knowledgeable, compassionate, connected to spirit, and invested in her clients healing. Her unique pairing of energy healing and internal family systems is what I believe propelled such healing and growth in me, and I am so thankful I listened to my intuition and jumped into the great unknown to work with her! I’m forever grateful for her support and for facilitating such miraculous experiences for me!


This is a testimonial. Let your customers tell I never know what will come up, or reveal itself to me during my sessions. But each one, even though some are harder than others, I feel safe and protected to walk through and meet my different parts.


This last one, must have had so much energy attached to it, that before I could ask my husband for some cuddle time ( a suggestion made by Ursula), he came up and cuddled with me. Very magical. the world how great you are.


My healing sessions with Ursula were amazing and life changing. I was depressed for a long period of time in my life but just a few sessions with Ursula healed me and my marriage. I highly recommend her for mental health issues like depression and the way she heals through pranic healing sessions. I also recommend her for couples counseling if you and your loved one are having relationship issues like separation, divorce, etc. She is very accommodating and reasonable with her services. I would rather pay for results than finding someone else who takes your insurance but doesn't show results of improvement. Please reach out to her ASAP to heal all of your mental health issues effectively, efficiently and permanently 🙏 ❤️


I am so grateful for our work, and the uncovering of my innocent, good, Loving, gentle younger self.


Ursula was very helpful to me during a traumatic time in my life.  I want to thank her and share what I created out of my grief.  I will always remember how kind she is.


I first met Ursula when I had been very ill for several years from chronic Lyme and was attending a wellness facility.  Her therapy was part of my package as well as her introductory class on our bodies naturally healing energy fields.  Her expertise and the knowledge experientially gained was amazing and incredible.  It was the beginning and foundation of my path to recovering my self and my wellness.


I credit my happiness, joy, and peace today to Ursula's Pranic Healing and Internal Family Systems psychological therapy work.  I went from barely walking and needing a walker at times, to reversing the Lyme and returning to teaching part-time.  Ursula combines intelligence and logic, and her extensive education to a field that can fraught with feel-good New Thought whimsies that sound good, but aren't practical or effective.


She is so efficient, that an anxiety or a behavior that has been a life-long suffering can be alleviated in exactly an hour!  And she is just as effective Skyping or over the phone as in person!!  Magical and real.  Infinite possibilities not of chaos or foolish beliefs, but  inspiring, positive, applicable, foundational and yet freeing at the same time. Thank you Ursula for all of your hard work and integrity.  You are love and are greatly loved.


It was intense and powerful. I was very skeptical that I would have a similar experience with the Zoom remote experience as I did to the in-person experience, but it DOES work remotely and I was impressed.


Ursula saw something in me that I was unaware of and she thankfully was able to pull it out of me by being persistent with insisting I attend her Basic Pranic Healing class.  This opened up a world that I was unaware even existed.  Who knew you could wave your hands in the air and take away people's pain?!  Not only did she save my life, she gave me a reason to live as I all want to do now is continue to take away other people's pain.  Thank you Ursula for literally saving my life!


Love you ALWAYS.


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