" The work that Ursula does is nothing short of stunningly and massively life-changing for the absolute best. Combining techniques from standard psychology with artful healing and Divine assistance, Ursula is able to gently move the conscious mind out of the way, and reach the deepest levels needed to create a colossal shifts in ones entire life structure. Core issues are easily opened and quickly resolved with what might take months if not years of work in a standard practitioner's office.  

Having worked with a dozen or more such practitioners on and off for over 20 years, I have found that none come even close to the level that is reached with Ursula's work with Divine assistance. I felt as if entire karmic debt patterns had been totally shifted, thousands of pounds of heavily laid emotional patterns were removed, and Divine joy, peace, and happiness resurrected.

In short, her work literally moves mountains. No kidding. 
While it takes great focus, trust, and persistence, the work is possible for anyone committed to bringing more love into their life. I felt as though I were finally coming home to a Divine place and finally shedding the guilt, shame, apathy, grief, fear, cravings, anger, and pride that come to be a part of my life for over 50 years.
She does fabulous & amazing work. I cannot thank her enough. "


" I first met Ursula when I had been very ill for several years from chronic Lyme and was attending a wellness facility. Her therapy was part of my package as well as her introductory class on our bodies naturally healing energy fields.  Her expertise and the knowledge experientially gained was amazing and incredible.  It was the beginning and foundation of my path to recovering my self and my wellness.

I credit my happiness, joy, and peace today to Ursula's Pranic Healing and Internal Family Systems psychological therapy work.  I went from barely walking and needing a walker at times, to reversing the Lyme and returning to teaching part-time.  Ursula combines intelligence and logic, and her extensive education to a field that can fraught with feel-good New Thought whimsies that sound good, but aren't practical or effective.

She is so efficient, that an anxiety or a behavior that has been a life-long suffering can be alleviated in exactly an hour!  And she is just as effective Skyping or over the phone as in person!!  Magical and real.  Infinite possibilities not of chaos or foolish beliefs, but  inspiring, positive, applicable, foundational and yet freeing at the same time.

I thank her for all of her hard work and integrity. She is love and is greatly loved."


" I have struggled with the effects of childhood abuse. I dealt with them in traditional ' talk therapy ' for years and found some relief. Working with Ursula helped me go back in time and reframe those experiences in a new way. I felt empowered and something inside me shifted.

I felt lighter and much more peaceful. I appreciate Ursula's calm voice walking me through each step, encouraging me and being present. She is so kind and compassionate and made me feel safe. That is extremely important to the healing process. I highly recommend Ursula and this healing modality.

I noticed I am no longer having constant thoughts of being victimized and then all the additional thoughts of how I would manage it.
Wow! What a relief to get rid if that!

Thx so much :) "


" I have worked with therapists throughout most of my adult life dealing with childhood issues affecting my current life. I have worked with some very good practitioners but have never experienced anything as life altering as work with Ursula Lentine. The inclusion of sacredness and panic healing takes family-systems therapy to a new level. I felt comfortable, cared for and
heard but that is just the beginning. 

I have been diagnosed with ever mental illness in the book: depression, dissociative disorder, anorexia, anxiety and have had multiple admissions to mental institutions and  but had just reached a point in my life where I did not feel ' crazy ' anymore.  It felt so tenuous though and and my husbands illness was shaking my mental heath. I was afraid to even discuss my previous trauma or ' get sick again '.

Ursula created such a safe place, that checking in with my body with her guidance allowed me to clear some severe trauma memories without re-traumatizing me. I finally feel like I have put the past in the past-finally, without denial and can live in the now. I would lay down on her couch covered by a soft blanket and next thing I was doing deep, deep work. I just never figured out how it quite works with her but thats ok. It works. 

My husband was a client of Ursula's as well. My husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2014 and died this April 27 months later. He had suffered for years with depression, anxiety and other issues related to childhood abuse. He made so much progress working with Ursula that when he passed away he had reached a beautiful spiritual place without any of the victim
remaining-just the love. She was able to guide as a couple through the most difficult but most sacred time of our lives. 

It still baffles me that someone can work with so much love, acceptance and kindness yet be such a skilled therapist. This is no joke. When you are ready to change, stop suffering and let go of ' your story ', call Ursula. "


" My experience w Ursula is always mind blowing!  I have such clarity and understanding of how to better myself and make the necessary adjustments in my life!  I am very blessed she came into my life and I value our relationship! "


" My name is Tim, I met Ursula through a mutual friend,and started going to
' Twin Hearts ', I greatly enjoyed the experience. After getting to know her some and the work that she did, she decided she was moving to California,and since twin hearts had made such a big difference in my life,
I decided to meet with her for a session. I wasn't really sure what to expect, didn't have any expectations from it, but I knew there was something because Ursula's such a spiritual person.

I went in to find out why my life had been so crazy,with recent surgeries, including a massive  stroke, open heart surgery, left kidney removed and a ruptured aneurism in my right leg,due to endocarditis in 2015. She did work on that, greatly improving my outlook on life!

Also, some other stuff came up,that i had know idea was affecting me. It was an old feeling of rejection from a long time ago. I guess that's the subliminal part of my mind. She helped me deal with this in the most light-hearted way. I feel much lighter if that makes any sense. I don't really know how to explain it? I'm so glad I got to meet Ursula and work with her.

I hope she spreads light in everyone's life like she did mine. If you meet her and are maybe reading this, then please take advantage of the time you have with her! She is an amazing woman who has spiritual insight.

I wish I could better explain myself. I don't really have the proper words too, but if your reading this then work with her,maybe you do!
Much love!! "  

Tim S.

Sure. Fabulous. Thorough. On point. Extremely helpful. Encouraging. Removed guilt, grief, fear, and anger by allowing them to be.

Simple. Painless. Phenomenal. Life-changing. Unearthed destructive patterns in play for 50 years.

Thanks so much


From a 15 minutes Face Book presentation:

" Hey Ursula, I just wanted to take a moment and sincerely thank you for the talk on Saturday in regards to my FB group (Stones of Wisdom), lightworkers, and today's world in regards to emotions etc.

Not only has it helped me greatly to feel like I have a solid ground again to build more bridges with others, but it has also helped many of my group members too! It has sparked

conversations. It has given some a bit of peace and validation including me. And I am seeing them begin to work it on their own personal interactions.

Thank you "


" Working with Ursula has been life changing.
Our sessions have led to deep mental, emotional and spiritual healing for me. In just one session Ursula is able to uncover deep seated issues, conflicts and stories stuck inside and bring them to the light to be released and healed. Working with her has helped get rid of old anxieties and fears, instilled a sense of safety in me, and has made access to simple joys a possibility. Things that were once ' issues ' just seem to dissipate after a session with Ursula.

Thank you so much... from the bottom of my heart... thank you."


" Since our last session, I feel like I've gotten deeper into the cause of the
' Prince's ' deep pain and that's shame of some kind. Very very painful and deep. I've worked through a good bit of it, I feel, and he's way more ' on my team ' now although there's still work to be done for sure. "


" If you remember, I was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer well over 4 years ago with metastasis to both lungs (I had 15 cancerous nodules in total).  I met you about 5 months into this journey at the Living Foods Institute.  I remember you describing the cancer as ' pesky children '.

That statement really summed it up well!  It was 90-95 percent a mental and spiritual journey.  In our sessions, you definitely helped me uncover some necessary grief.  I am pleased to share with you that I have no evidence of cancer and am very healthy.  I am blessed immeasurably and am nothing shy of a walking miracle.  I am so glad that you are continuing your work making a significant difference in the lives of others.

Rock on!  Best Always,


" Ursula, Truly is one of the angels which saved my life. Her compassion, skill and ability to navigate deep waters helped me through a time of psychic attack to which I was completely unprepared for. She is role model and someone whom I am indebted. "


Rev RG

" Words are not enough to express my experience with Ursula Lentine and the group of Twin Hearts Meditation. I have followed different spiritual paths and I feel that been close to Ursula and participating in the group have changed me physically and emotionally.

Ursula is an angel wearing a human suit, she truly lives for serving others and has the intention to cultivate, guide and perpetuate love.  
This has been an amazing gift for life, with techniques that reinforce our true purpose and mission, tools to heal ourselves and utilize energy to transform our blockages into clarity. As a result, my practice as a Health Coach has taken another route after this experience, and my approach to clients is showing this transformation.   

For those open to this kind of inner peace and for those more skeptical, I would say that this experience goes beyond concepts. There is no judgment or necessary beliefs to enter the circle. The power of receiving happens by not having expectations, therefore, benefits will show either instantly or in a subtle way. 

I am beyond grateful and amazed with Ursula Lentine and all the people that frequent the Twin Hearts Meditation. I will continue my journey sharing it and inspiring others to benefit from it.

Thank you forever! "


" Before I get to my testimonial, I wanted tell you something.  You probably here this all the time...  The  first time you addressed our group I immediately felt a familiarity and a close connection to you. I spent the next couple of hours trying to figure out where I knew you from.  Of course we have never met.  I signed up for a session with you without knowing anything beyond your initial introduction.  That is not usually my nature.  I realize now that you were projecting out to us your essence along with you ability and willingness to help us. I obviously heard you loud and clear.  I was meant to meet you. I believe this is why I was so ready to open myself up to you so quickly and completely. Anyway, here is what I want to say as my testimonial:

I came to this program not realizing that I had such a desperate need of emotional healing. I had a session of Pranic Healing with Ursula and all I can say is WOW!!!  She found that I had an anger issue that had been consuming a lot of my time and energy trying to control it. She facilitated the recognition of this anger, the different faces of this anger, the peeling away of all of the layers of this anger, and helped me release and let go of each layer until the anger was gone. I am now able to forgive and focus all of my new found energy on more important things. She lifted a tremendous weight off my shoulders and heart. A weight I know I could not have lifted on my own.

Thank you so much Ursula and I look forward to working with you again in
the future. You are amazing!! "


" My experience with Ursula Lentine through one session of her Family Internal Systems healed me past all seven years of modern doctors prescriptions, surgeries, therapists, and psychologists, that I not only recommend but believe in this method that Lentine is practicing.  I highly regard the practice and the impact this has had on my life; I will never forget.

Thank you again and we'll be in touch soon. "


" Dearest Ursula,

I appreciate all the work you have invested in creating our experience. I cherish our time together, even if on the phone. I love you, I learn from you, I trust your opinion and guidance and am profoundly grateful for you in my and Christian's life. I will bring our experiences with me when I enter the heavenly realm and know we will always be together in love. I am so blessed with you in my life. I send you love, always.


"Ursula has been an integral part of our healing journey through grief.  We lost our 9 yr old son last year and have been seeing Ursula since. 

Our appointments with her are always so helpful and up lifting.  She is a truly gifted medium and healer.  We always look forward to our appointments as we are guaranteed to come out with a feeling of peace and calm as well as new tools to help us along our journey. 

We are so thankful to have been connected with her and having her in our lives, I’m not sure where we would be without her." 


" Ursula is truly a beautiful soul. She has an innate ability to make you feel safe instantaneously which makes for quick work when doing spiritual healing of any magnitude. If you’re up for it Ursula can take you there! She radiates pure love and embodies everything we should all strive to be in this human experience. I am blessed to have her in my life!


" Ursula is light that shines and creates a space for others to expand with love. A woman of Great Substance. Panoramic, majestic, alluring. A true embodiment of respect, love and merciful understanding. Not just a Powerhouse, Ursula is a true Power Plant. May she be Blessed with all things Good and Grand. Beautiful in the inside, very, very pretty in the outside. A great teacher of Self Transcendence.


" Ursula's outer beauty is just a tiny reflection of her immense beauty within! The Earth is truly a better place because of the brilliant energy that she shares with all living beings on a daily basis! "


" Ursula is DEDICATED to raising her own CONSCIOUSNESS as well as doing what she can as an individual to raising the CONSCIOUSNESS of the entire human race. Ursula is an AMAZING, LOVING SOUL who deserves to be seriously considered for this HONOR.

Namaste "


" Ursula Is a great soul, her light shines souls and make them look peaceful, joyful, happy full, radiant, is true, she made mine spark, with her guidance, healing abilities and her peaceful language of how she communicates things, she really is a great soul. "


" Ursula, I appreciate your message.  You have been good for me.  You have opened up my eyes to an aspect of spirituality that I had previously not considered.  I have to tell you that in working on my last speech, I actually jotted a “channel Ursula” note because I wanted to demonstrate the passion of conviction that you so often demonstrate.  

I wish you the best. "


" Luckily I’m still here!  3 years after stage 4 kidney cancer and all lung spots have been removed and are gone!  No cancer anywhere at this time.  I thank Ursula and the other folks at the Living Foods Institute for getting me started down a different and better path! "

Best Always,


" Ursula is a perfect example of what life should be like. "