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I have a gift for you!


Hello, my name is Ursula. My gift is bringing greater possibilities for finding your best self. Together, we kick to the curb the obstacles, procrastination, and blocks that are holding back your true expression of your most natural self.


Click the button above to set up your Clarity Call. This is a 15-minute discovery session for you to tell me what is going on with you and where you want to go.  I listen and give you options. Then, I let you know how I work, and we determine if we are a good fit. If not, that's okay. It’s good to make a connection. I look forward to meeting you.


Ursula Lentine offers unique, powerful and transformational services in the areas of Pranic healing, Internal Family Systems, and Treatment/Prayer that enhance your life experiences.

She works with individuals and groups to help them discover and release unconscious obstacles, allowing them to live an unencumbered and purposeful life. Her certifications include Metaphysics, Internal Family Systems, and Pranic Healing.


Subconscious Work -
Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a form of healing that focuses on subconscious work. A comprehensive approach that includes guidelines for working with individuals, couples, and families using the principles and techniques from Dr. Richard Schwartz's model. 

By going deep into our psyche, we can discover the various parts where certain behaviors come from and begin healing them by getting down to the core problem.

Ursula Lentine is NOT a licensed Therapist and has authority to use this IFS modality under her Ministerial Licence as a Spiritual Advisor. 

The Way of the Spiritual Path Show on the Lighter Side Network

The Way of the Spiritual Path is Ursula's online show. There are many interesting guests and a variety of life topics to enjoy and learn about the different way Spirituality plays out in our lives. There are also shows where Ursula is explaining different aspects about the Path. You can see the entire collection of shows at the subscription site The Lighter Side Network, or some shows on Ursula's Youtube Chanel

Speaking and Workshops

As a Minister, Ursula can't help but share what she knows. She loves teaching children about common practical spiritual tools for everyday living. Women groups are fun for her to explore outside the box thinking and approach to life. People struggling with addiction are another favorite group that she enjoys working with. New approaches to age old problems is what she specializes in.

Discover more about her perspective on her YouTube channel. 

Please request current information.

Pranic Healing and
Twin Hearts Meditation

Pranic Healing is a Healing science and art. Master Choa Kok Sui was a chemical Engineer, he approached healing from a practical point of view. He designed this healing modality to be safe, simple and effective. It's used in Hospitals and is practiced in over 90 countries.


Ursula is a Pranic Healer and Pranic Healing Teacher, you can learn to heal yourself.

Ursula offers Twin Hearts Meditation. This is a guided meditation where we bless the planet with loving kindess and reap the amazing benefits of inner harmony.



" I first met Ursula when I had been very ill for several years from chronic Lyme and was attending a wellness facility.  Her therapy was part of my package as well as her introductory class on our bodies naturally healing energy fields.  Her expertise and the knowledge experientially gained was amazing and incredible.  It was the beginning and foundation of my path to recovering my self and my wellness.  


I credit my happiness, joy, and peace today to Ursula's Pranic Healing and Internal Family Systems psychological therapy work.  I went from barely walking and needing a walker at times, to reversing the Lyme and returning to teaching part-time.  Ursula combines intelligence and logic, and her extensive education to a field that can fraught with feel-good New Thought whimsies that sound good, but aren't practical or effective.   She is so efficient, that an anxiety or a behavior that has been a life-long suffering can be alleviated in exactly an hour!  And she is just as effective Skyping or over the phone as in person!!  Magical and real.  Infinite possibilities not of chaos or foolish beliefs, but  inspiring, positive, applicable, foundational and yet freeing at the same time.


Thank you Ursula for all of your hard work and integrity.  You are love and are greatly loved. "


" It was intense and powerful. I was very skeptical that I would have a similar experience with the Zoom remote experience as I did to the in-person experience, but it DOES work remotely and I was impressed. "


" This is a testimonial. Let your customers tell I never know what will come up, or reveal itself to me during my sessions. But each one, even though some are harder than others, I feel safe and protected to walk through and meet my different parts.  This last one, must have had so much energy attached to it, that before I could ask my husband for some cuddle time ( a suggestion made by Ursula), he came up and cuddled with me. Very magical. the world how great you are. "



Treatment is a form of powerful prayer that shifts your consciousness from one reality into a better one, we can work together to teach you how to create what you want, instead of what you have. This practice is from Center for Spiritual Living, a Metaphysical Teaching.


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