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Clearing Paths To Love

These sessions empower couples to navigate conflicts, fostering deeper connections and building harmonious relationships.

What happens when love becomes triggering?

In these sessions, the focus is on guiding people in romantic relationships to navigate conflicts through addressing personal triggers and breaking away from repetitive patterns. The aim is to empower couples, allowing them to foster deeper connections and construct harmonious relationships.

When couples find themselves at odds, it's time to put in some effort. Love naturally grows over time, but it also exerts pressure and brings old wounds to the surface. This often manifests as arguments, judgments, avoidance, temptation, disdain, and more. Clearing out these old wounds paves the way for a fresh layer of love to emerge.

I work individually with each partner, allowing them to self-identify their behaviors instead of placing blame on each other. After three individual sessions, the couple and I come together to identify the old trigger patterns at play, take responsibility, and break free from the rut. This process enables them to truly see and hear each other, fostering more honest and kind connections. Acceptance and appreciation become more readily available.

As each partner continues their personal work, our joint sessions become less frequent. They acquire the tools and capacity for better connection and care through their own self-healing.

Please reach out before scheduling a joint appointment so that I can allocate extra time.

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