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From the Inside Out

Experience Ursula's techniques of clearing mental and emotional obstacles. Declutter your life from the inside out! See the webinar below for an introduction to the upcoming 6-month Self-Mastery course. 

What is Self-Mastery?

We can't control the world, but we can manage ourselves. Learn how to master yourself. Inner healing, self-awareness, making conscious choices, rewiring your patterns.

Regulate your mental chatter

Calm your emotional responses

Be proactive instead of avoidant.

Meeting the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month

7pm to 8:30pm.

They will be recorded.

Cost: $399 a month or $1,995 paid in full

It will be a very private experience, but done in group work, the energy of the group will make the individual healing greater. You can share as much or as little as you feel. This is an advanced class for people who have done considerable work on themselves, who are familiar with Internal Family Systems or who have already worked with me.

Testimonials From Previous & Current Students

"I can say that this has been one of the single best things I have ever been part of... The depth of self-understanding that I have attained from this course is mind-blowing... I got to relieve my Ancestors of some of their burdens and give them my gratitude and honor... Thank you so much, Ursula, for your love, and your compassion, and for sharing your insight and wisdom with us. This work that we are doing is invaluable and life-changing."


"Studying the basic fundamentals of Self Mastery has fostered the motivation I've needed to confidently follow through with consistent positive thoughts, ideas, and choices. Within myself. By trusting myself and knowing it’s okay if I don’t have all of the right answers. It’s given me more confidence to speak openly about how I feel. To love myself and others freely and genuinely."


"By taking an honest and hard look at some difficult past experiences it has helped me clean up my negative thinking, taught me to release resentment, and given me the strength and courage to forgive. 

I can now see a clear path to becoming a strong and healthy Director of my Mind.

Most importantly, its become a very natural and easy part of my everyday life and communication. Kind and encouraging words and thoughts come without a lot of effort. And I truly see how it also creates that very thing: “Attracting like-mindedness.”"


"I believe by experiencing this journey with Ursula as my teacher and facilitator in a group setting has been the most vital piece in my success toward Self Mastery. The setting she creates is comfortable, loving, fun, peaceful, and most importantly Safe.I am definitely more trusting and confident to speak my truth. And I am

so very grateful to be finding and creating “heaven on earth” with Ursula on my team!"


"As we began the Self Mastery group, I was navigating a difficult divorce (after 30 years of marriage) I had also been working consistently with Ursula over a period of time.

Coming into the group sustained me on many levels. I felt well supported and sacred space was created for my own pain to heal, deeply. It gave me the ability to unravel areas at a whole new level, I benefited from the others who were healing areas of their life that were different yet parallel to mine. As we addressed different emotions in a conscious way, this created more internal spaciousness, whilst helping me feel stronger when other conflicts arose in my life.


I feel tender and patient with myself, less pulled to others' agendas, and my nervous system has calmed considerably. I respond more to my own needs with eagerness, and my people-pleasing no longer runs the show. I believe we need to be willing to show up with all our baggage, no matter how messy. Be held in communities that are supportive and guided with compassion and clarity, Ursula Lentine’s Self Mastery group offers this and so much more. I feel humbled and proud of my healing work in this group."


Six months prior to the start of the class my life was in complete chaos and I was creating this and allowing it in. I had built a wall around trauma that I had left unhealed. I had little control over my emotions and reactions. After years of ignoring the symptoms or thinking I could fix them on my own, I was presented with the opportunity to take the course... a way of unlocking the tools to remove blocks that have been imposed on us or by us through life circumstances. It is a metaphysical journey of clearing, resetting, and
accepting; what was, what is, and what will be. I have a deeper understanding of where my fears come from and I know now I have the courage it takes to overcome them.
In our sessions, I have traveled through time and space to face my younger self, my ancestors, my fears, anxiety, and sadness. I have learned to forgive myself and have empathy and compassion for what one soul goes through in its great expanse of time."

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