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Speaking & Workshops

Since 2010, Ursula has helped individuals and groups uncover and eliminate deeply ingrained beliefs and physical conditions through thousands of private sessions and organizational collaborations.


A workshop curated for members of Vistage

Program Description

  • Learn to break beyond the boundaries that we set for ourselves

  • What to do when willpower fails

  • Improve your relationships, professional life, finances, and self-talk

  • Find the stillness that can exist in the midst of great productivity & success

  • Understand the layers of your personality that dictate your perceptions



Value to Members 

  • Increased self-knowing & self-understanding

  • Improved communication with yourself & with others

  • Obtaining a valuable skill-set that includes tools for eliminating distractions

  • Learn how to understand the processes behind your impulses & decision-making

  • Improved compassion for self & for others

for Accelerated Self-Discovery

Blurry Blue

"Great insight and guidance, thank you for opening doors for clarity and introspection."

"Very useful insight."

"This was useful for self-awareness with tools and concepts to help."


"The presentation was informative, and the sequence of information was great. Interactive and personal responses to the participants were great."

Blurry Blue

"Was pleasantly surprised how the content was applied to the business world, very good!"

"Great insight and interactive presentation, very thankful!"

"The content was great and relevant to me."

"Insightful information."

"Simple, eloquent, and powerful."

"4 out 4 rating of Excellent!"

Blurry Blue

"The subject matter was very helpful and timely. Reconnecting with myself is critical. I always had a great sense of self until recently and this is very helpful."

"The workbook will be useful to me."

"Powerful jumpstart to some significant self-awareness."

"Met and exceeded my expectations."

Ursula is available to collaborate with teams for workshops or on an ongoing basis. Whether for a single event or continuous engagement, she brings a strong commitment to teamwork and effective communication.
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