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You Are Not Alone

Rites of Passage for Young Adults and Their Parents

Our children are suffering because of the choices we are making as families, this experiential film is a part of the solution. 

This film is a gift crafted with you in mind—an immersive experience where you are not just an audience, but an active participant.


It’s a poignant reflection on the impact of our choices as families; choices that have led to our children falling ill. Now more than ever, we must acknowledge these consequences and take decisive action.


This is a call for each of us to reclaim responsibility in our lives and nurture our relationships with renewed purpose.

Awards for You Are Not Alone
Screenshot 2024-06-14 at 10.07.06.png

RIFF 2024: Best Debut Filmmaker

2 11 17 Best Documentary Feature.jpg

2 11 17 IFF 2024: Best Documentary Feature

BIFA Best Family Feature.jpg

BIFA 2024: Best Family Feature Film

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