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Learn About The Process

Learn more about the collaborative journey we can embark on together and the methods I use to assist you in uncovering your most authentic self.


We'll discuss the inner issues you're currently addressing and explore how I can assist you.

In the first half of the session, we assess past issues and uncover any hidden concerns.


In the second half, I guide you into your subconscious for transformative experiences, revealing your potential.

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Twelve one-on-one sessions within

six months.


Healing core issues leads to freedom, calmness, and clarity.

Reassess your progress compared to the introductory session to gauge your growth.


Measuring the transformation is truly profound and astonishing!


Transition into group sessions, leveraging your enhanced skills and capacity.


12 sessions over 6 months.


Energize your life and cultivate a fresh lifestyle.

Common Q&As

1 / What inspired you to pursue your profession? 

Healing runs in my family—my grandmother and her sister were both healers. I was excelling as a Real Estate Broker, but when 2008 hit, I decided to close that door and pursue what truly calls to my heart.

2 /  What would you like your potential clients to know about you?

Having conducted over 6,000 sessions, I assure you that you are in expert and compassionate hands. No matter what you bring to me, I can address it with loving kindness.


Also, every Tuesday at 7 PM, I host an online Twin Hearts meditation session where we bless the planet and receive its benefits in return. For more details, please visit the Twin Hearts section of the site.

3 / What benefits can I expect from doing this work?

This work addresses the core issue, going far beyond conventional therapeutic methods of coping and adapting. We delve deep into the personal "operating system" and eliminate the "viruses"—those negative, repetitive thought patterns. Each session empowers clients to reclaim their natural state of freedom, peace, love, and creativity.

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